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Bone Conduction Earphone Lf-18

Bone Conduction Earphone LF-18 ~ Price : MYR 175

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Advertiser ID : Mansor Chirah
Contact No : 0142338536
Ads Category : Phone & Tablet
Update : 09-06-2017
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Location : Damansara

Description :

Bone Conduction Earphone LF-18  Order now


100% brand new and high quality.  
You can enjoy the music in the wireless world.
Simple fashion, so you can enjoy the life.
Bone conduction design, very safe and comfortable.
You can use it when you are driving, very safe.
Model: LF-18
Battery: 260mAh Polymer battery
Mic: Anti‐interference microphones, ‐42DB
Play time: 8h
Standby time: 10days
Effective range: 10m (33feets)
Blue tooth Version: 4.1
Receiving  Sensitivity: 88dBm
Impedance: 8Ω
Frequency range: 20‐20KHz
TF card: No
System language: English 
Color: black, white
Size: 134*136*52mm
Package size: 162*152*56mm  
Package included:    
1 x Headphone


Bone Conduction Earphone LF-18

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